Shahat Shipping Company

Shahat Shipping Company is one of the most reputed, leading and reliable agencies in Libya. Shahat was established in 1983 with shipping activities limited in all Libyan ports.
Shahat is now managed by an experienced team from those selected of qualified dedicated shipping professionals and equipped with the latest information technology.The company has over the years, dynamically grown with 11 offices across Libya providing shipping agency services of the highest standard to our customers across Libyan ports.
Shahat Shipping is highly diversified shipping agency operating out of all Libyan ports over 25 years operating as Liner and Tramp and have represented container ships, cruise ships, tankers, training, fishing & general cargo vessels. Additionally we have been involved in freight forwarding & custom brokerage and myriad of other services from off-loading of cargo to transportation of cargo, to warehouses and construction site.


  • Superior full attendance & ship husbandry services throughout Libya servicing all type of vessels particularly Crud, LNG, LPG, Cruise & Container vessel.
  • Bulk & Tramp services & break bulk services
  • Feeder services
  • Ro-Ro services, project cargo handling
  • Container owned storage bond
  • Custom cargo clearance, cargo delivery to required sites
  • Online services, exports-loading confirmation, bill of lading(Proforma, dangerous cargo Good’s declaration form
  • Warehouse management, container’s haulage & cargo transportation
  • Crew changes/repatriation, ship-chandlers, home port services